Monday, January 19, 2015

Awesome Families and Great People

Hey guys!

Sorry I have a bit short on time to write today. Man it is so hot!!!! I´m turning black, haha! Not really, just really really dark pink. I´m getting used to the weather though. 

This week was pretty good. We found a few super awesome families. Actually, we found lots of great people this past week. We've started teaching them and everything. Pretty much everyone was going to come to church too, but sadly only one ended up coming. We were a bit disappointed but these families said that they will for sure come to church with us this Sunday. We´re finally starting to get a big teaching pool, which is what we need right now.

We traveled to Camp Mourão again this week to help out a bit. We went on splits for a couple of hours and I went with Elder Hendrix! My former companion. It went pretty great!

We brought one guy to church named Claudio. We were going to bring his entire family but only he ended up coming. He´s a super cool guy and totally loved church. We going to start teaching a him a lot more this week.

I don´t know way but there were just a lot of people this week that wanted to do bible bash with us. We were sitting down resting for a bit and this guy came over and told us that his granddaughter is a member, but then starting talking really bad about the church and everything. It actually happens a decent bit here.

There a lot of crazy funny experiences though with people we talk too. I´ve gotta start writing them down or I´ll forget. Love you all! glad you guys are doing well! hope you have an awesome week! Falou!

Elder Jackson

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