Monday, February 2, 2015

Christ Suffered for Everyone

Feb, 2, 2015

Hey guys! Bom dia!

Happy Birthday Nathan. holy cow dude I can´t belive you´re 15 years old. Love you bro! hope you had an awesome b-day.

I just have to say that this week has probably been one of the wierdest weeks of my mission so far. I´m not going to go into too many details, but it was pretty crazy.

First off, we had a baptism! I don´t know ifIi told you last week about an investigator that came to church last week, Patricia. She´s about 20 years old.  Her and her dad, Osvaldo, came to church last Sunday. We started teaching them both this past week, but Osvaldo has a smoking addiction and is trying to stop. Patricia had a lot of doubts at first when we started teaching her, but over a few days we helped her resolve them. She came to church yesterday and had her baptismal interview after. After the interview, she told us that she was going to be baptized! She was baptized with a members daughter. It was a really awesome baptism! Patricia was a bit nervous at first, but was really happy afterwards. Her dad, Osvaldo, wants to be baptized too. We´re going to help him stop smoking this week. Please pray for him. He really wants to get rid of this addiction. Also pray for Patricia. She´s doing pretty well though. She made friends with a few members of the ward already.

So yeah, things are going pretty great here in Maringá. The zone is going off. All the missionaries in the zone are doing well and having success. It´s awesome because the zone has been really struggling at the start of this transfer. 

We have a few other investigators that we are teaching. Claudio cut us this past week.  We have a few other investigators, but we´ve got to start finding more.

Spiritual thought:
I´ve been thinking a lot about the atonement of Jesus Christ lately. I watched a church video on P-day called "To this end was i born". It showed a huge mob that brought him to Pilate to be judged. There were so many shouting at him and wanting him killed. Then it showed him the night before in Gethsemane when he suffered for all our sins. I was reminded of the fact that Christ suffered for everyone, even those that rejected him and sentenced him to death. The very people that spit upon, he suffered for all there pains and sorrows, and then asked our Heavenly Father to forgive them. He is the perfect example.

I like to think about that when we as missionaries and rejected on the streets or poorly treated. He taught us a lesson of forgiveness, which is something that I hope we can all develop. 

Love you all! Miss you tons! Hope you guys have a great week! Pray for me! I´ll be praying for you all


Elder Jackson

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