Monday, February 23, 2015

With Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ Our Weaknesses Can Become Our Strengths

Bom dia com muito alegria!

Do you guys remember my Brazilian companion in the MTC? Elder Beltrani? He went home this past week. He´s had lots of health problems since he´s gotten here. Recently they found out that he has Crohn' disease (don´t know if I spelled that right). So unfortunately he had to go home, but he was a great missionary and really made a difference while he was here.

Elder Beltrani
Other than that, this week went pretty well! It went by fast but at the same time it feels like last p-day was forever ago! Last monday at the end of p-day, Elder Ortiz and Elder Jacobs got a phone call from the secretaries. They´re two other missionaries that were serving in our area. They got emergency transferred and caught the bus that same night for that area farthest away in the mission. Yeah that caught everyone by surprise. I was a bit bummed cuz we were all super good friends but I think they´re doing well. 

We traveled to Cianorte this week to help out a the missionaries there. It´s a city of 90,00 people and there´s only one companionship. I went of splits with Elder Manz! My ex-companion. Yeah it was super awesome to bring back good memories.

We only had a couple days to work in our area. The entire mission had a goal to do 150 in a week (basically converse with 150 people in the streets or knock on their doors). Since we got in our area late, we had to do like a hundred in one day, crazy! haha! But we found a few really great investigators.

We found one investigator named Jennifer. She about 19 years old but already has a 2 year old kid. We´re teaching her mom too. She´s super interested and came to church on Sunday. It wasn´t easy to wake her up to go to church though, haha We knocked and knocked sunday morning but she didn´t wake up.  so we went to the window and knocked and knocked. Nothing... We shouted her name and even through little rocks on the roof, and still nothing. haha we were about to give up but then i thought of something. I grabbed our cell phone and played some kind of church music that was really upbeat with techno rythm. Then we held it through an opening in the window. She woke up! haha! And she came to church and really enjoyed it. But she sure is a heavy sleeper though.

We have another investigator who´s wife is less active. He´s been going to another ward recently but he lives in our area. We stopped by his house with our bishop and got to know him a bit. He came to our ward on Sunday and really enjoyed it! I think we might help him paint his workplace today. We´ll see.

One thing i´ve realized these past week is that everyone has room to improve. For example, i have tons to improve on as a missionary. But what i´ve realized is that unless I work to improve, i won´t. One scripture that i really like is in the Book of Mormon. Ether 12:27.E se os homens vierem a mim, mostrar-lhes-ei sua fraqueza. E dou a fraqueza aos homens a fim de que sejam humildes; e minha graça basta a todos os que se humilham perante mim; porque caso se humilhem perante mim e tenham fé em mim, então farei com que as coisas fracas se tornem fortes para eles. It talks a bit about weaknesses. Everyone has weaknesses and everyone´s weaknesses are different. But it says that if we will humble ourselves and have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He will make our weaknesses become our strengths. I know that this is true. I´ve seen it in my life and I look forward too seeing it even more, especially onthe mission. Love you all! miss you tons! hope you have and awesome week!


Elder Jackson

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