Monday, February 16, 2015

Jumping for Joy... Families Can be Together Forever!

February 16, 2015

Bom dia!

Transfer week was this past week! Man it was super crazy. We only had like two days to work in our area. We had to wait in the bus station from 6 o'clock on Monday until midnight, and then all day on Tuesday in order to receive the new missionaries in the zone. The Tuesday night we traveled to Londrina for Leadership counsel and then got back really late on Wednesday night. Long story short, this week was super crazy.

Oh mom and dad I got your package! Thank you sooooo much!!! \It was AWESOME!!!! I took a picture with everything but with my companions camera since mine is broken. I´ll try and get it from him. Haha, and Elder Coelho told me to tell you thanks for the stocking full of candy that you gave him. Love you so much and it totally made my week!

Man this past week rained a ton too. Hey mom I bought new shoes, but I can´t promise that they´ll last very long, haha. With all the rain that´s been pouring, I don´t think i have anymore dry socks.
Do you guys remember Ana , or investigator. Well, we haven´t seen her in about a week. She traveled to see her family and hasn´t gotten back yet. Hopefully she comes back this week, but we´ll see.
Leadership Conference
We have a super awesome family that we´re teaching. We actually found them a couple weeks ago. They´ve gone to church more times than they can count! Their daughter has already been baptized, and they want to too. The only thing is that they have to get married. They´re starting the paperwork now and we´re helping them out with the process. They came to church and Sunday again. Our goal is to help the get married by the end of the transfer. Their names are Dino and Ana.

We had zone meeting this week too and it went super well. We have a really awesome zone and eveyrone is super excited. At the end of the zone meeting, we talked about how we are a zone, but also a family. It´s completely true. Everyone´s excited to work hard.

Speaking of families, I was talking with my companion a bit about eternal families. I think I take it for granted sometimes the fact that I can live with my family forever. That´s something that pretty much everyone wants and that people would die for. And all we have to do is follow the teachings that Christ has given us and that we have in the church. And for that, I´m grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission and tell people that families CAN be together forever.

Hope everyone has an awesome week! love you all! miss ya to! Boa semana! Pega fogo!!!! 

Elder Jackson

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