Monday, February 9, 2015

Change is Not Easy - It Takes Faith

Bom dia!

We have transfers today, and I´m staying! I´m super stoked! looks like Elder Coelho (my companion) is staying too! Wooh! it´s going to be a great transfer. Speaking of transfers, this transfer has been the fastest so far! It felt like just a few weeks. I´m a bit scared that the rest of my mission is going to fly by like that!

HUMP DAY was Thursday! 1 year on the Mish! Wooh!

This week went pretty well. We moved houses. The house where we were living is super far away from our proselyting area, so moved a lot closer. The house is a bit smaller  than our old one, but a lot nicer, haha. We´re pretty stoked.

Since this was the last week of the transfer, we traveled a lot trying to help out the other missionaries. I spent a couple days in Campo Mourão (nearby city) and then went a splits a couple other times during the week. It was pretty crazy, but it went well. 

Our investigator, Ana, was almost baptized this week. But she is for going to be baptized this next Sunday. She´s on date and super excited! She going through a lot in her life right now. She´s facing a lot of problems financially and is under a lot of stress. She decided that she wants this change in her life. Man it´s been a crazy story with her. She came to church the first Sunday of the transfer. But that same Sunday, she disappeared. She went to go live with her parents. She finally got back this past week. We´re super excited to keep teaching and preparing her. Please pray for her. She's trying to make a change in her life. 

So while I was in Campo Mourão with my ex-companion, we ran into a small family and started teaching them. It´s usually really good to break the ice when you start teaching. So we joke a bit, and one thing I like to do sometimes is show a picture of my family. One of the little girls that was like 7 years old looked and the photo and saw Nathan. Then she said, "he looks just like Justin Bieber!"...... BAHAHA! I almost died laughing when I heard that. But yeah we shared a few laughs this week!

Spiritual thought:
I´ve been thinking a lot about changes that people make in their lives. Lots of times, it´s not very easy. We can know that it´s what Heavenly Father wants us to do but we still are a bit  nervous to act. This happens a lot with investigators, but also with everyone else in normal life situations. 

Hebrews 11:1 talks about faith is things we hope are true or will happen, but can´t see or tell for sure. But through our act of faith, after we take that first step, we´ll be able to see the difference and blessings we see in our life. Lots of times, we are afraid of change, but we have to act on our faith and do what the Lord desires of us. As we do this, we´ll be able to SEE the blessings that come from this.

Love you all! miss you tons! Hope everyone has a great week. Boa Semana! 

Elder Jackson
A Missão é Celestial!
Trevor with Elder Coehlo

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