Monday, March 30, 2015

Grateful for Everyone Who is Supporting Me on My Mission...Love Getting Mail!

Bom dia!

This week has been super great and my companion is super awesome!

Elder Nascimento, which would be Elder Birth in English, haha. It´s pretty cool here in Brazil that lots of last names mean something. For example, my last companion, Elder Coelho, would be Elder Rabbit or Bunny in English. Bahaha! pretty cool!

But yeah Elder Nascimento is a pretty cool guy! He´s from MaceiĆ³, a city in the Northeast. He´s a bit guy with a big heart. This is his last transfer on the mission! He´s going home in 5 weeks! He´s working super hard though, as if he was just starting out on the mission. He came with lots of great ideas. He super experienced and I´m excited to learn tons from him.
We have a few investigators that are doing really well, but we´re trying to find more people to teach. Little by little, it´s getting smaller. Victoria is progressing a lot. She has a testimony and really wants to be baptized. We´re helping her get to that point. Her entire family is actually really awesome! Thiago goes teaching with us almost every single day. Speaking of Thiago. His friend, Evelyn that he brought to church last week got an answer to her prayer and knows that the church is true! She really wants to follow Christ.

I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of you guys that are supporting me while I´m out here on my mission. I love getting your letters and your emails. I feel really loved with all the love and support that you give me and i just wanted to say thank you! Love you all and miss you tons! Boa semana!

Elder Jackson

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