Monday, March 2, 2015

God Gives Us Trials So We Can Learn and Grow....

Bom dia!

Man the weeks are going by faster and faster! it´s starting to scare me a bit, haha!
I can´t believe it´s snowing that much in NC! It´s been so hot here that i´ve forgetten what it´s like to feel cold. Luckily it´s finally starting to cool down a bit.

Things are going pretty good down here. Patricia was confirmed yesterday! She was baptized a few weeks ago but it took her a while to be confirmed because her dad´s been in the hospital and she hasn´t been able to come to church. She´s doing pretty well though, and even brought a friend to church with her yesterday. 

This week went pretty well, but definitely could have been better. Elder Coelho and I have been working a lot, but it feels like with hit a barrier that we haven´t been able to climb over. Actually the whole zone is like that right now. But we´re working to improve and have more success.
Renato is doing pretty well, but it looks like he wants to be one of the eternal investigators. He´s still going to church but to another ward with his friend that´s a member. We´re still goignto stop by and help him progress and prepare, but with him it might take a while. He´s a super cool guy though!

I don´t know if you guys will remember, but i had a investigator named Marcilio in my first area in this city, about 8 months ago. Elder Newkirk, my trainer, is actually in that area and gave me his phone number to call and invite him to church. It looks like he was cut a few times by the missionaries because he was always so busy. But I called him and got to talk to him for a few minutes. Man he´s such a cool guy and it was so awesome to talk to an old investigator and friend. He´s doing great and said he would come to church on Sunday, but for some reason wasn´t able to. It was super great to talk to him for a bit though.

We went to Campo Mourão this week, and i went on splits with another one of my ex companions, Elder Matos. It was super great to work with him again.

About that barrier that were hitting. I´ve been thinking about it a lot. Lots of times in our lives we feel like we hit a barrier. We are progressing or getting to where we want. Lots of times we receive trials that we don´t exactly want. But God gives us these trials so that we can learn and grow. It´s through our trials that we learn life´s most important lessons. Sorry out of time. love you all miss you tons! hope everyone has a great week! stop getting married so fast! you guys are killing me, haha! jk. Love you all!

Boa Semana.
Elder Jackson

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