Monday, March 16, 2015

The Spiders are Big in Brazil!

Bom dia! 

Holy cow a ton has happened this week and i hope i have enough time to tell you about it. First off, we got home on Monday night pretty tired. We started planning when all of a sudden my comp screamed "HUGE SPIDER!". I laughed at first thinking that he was just messing with me but when i looked, i totally freaked out. It was probably the biggest spider that i have seen in real life. Holy cow! Haha it took about 15 minutes to kill it. It looked just like a turantula but I think it was some other kind. but i can tell you one thing, I didn´t sleep very well that night. I´ll try and send a pic of it to you guys. It was about the size of my camera if not bigger. Crazy!

So yeah the week started out a bit different. But this week was pretty awesome! We found a few new investigators with good potential. We´re teaching one girl named Victoria. Her brother is Thiago and is a member of the church prepping for a mission. He sent in his papers this week. He´s a super cool guy and Victoria really likes the church and already has a testimony. We´re going to keep teaching her this week. We also have an investigator named Nelson. It was actually the sisters in our zone that found him. He´s facing a lot of really big problems and isn´t really sure of what to do. He went to church yesterday looking for and answer and really liked it. 

Thank you mom and aunt Christy for your packages. Loved the candy and sweets! And I flipped out when I saw new ties! Totally made my week! Thank you! I found out that Brazilians don´t like sour skittles, haha or basically anything sour.

We had zone conference this week! It was super awesome and we learned a lot! Presidente Genaro gave a talk on the Atonement. At the end almost everyone was crying. He talked about how laziness and not giving it our all makes the lord suffer. When we´re not focused 100 percent in his work, or not keeping the rules, we´re making him suffer. It was a real eye opener. It was also great to see a few great missionaries for the last time. Elder Juinsse goes home next week! He was my zone leader when i started my mission and became a great friend. My trainer, Elder Newkirk,only has one week left too. I´m gonna miss them tons bit is was sure great serving by their sides.

But I´m out of time.Just wanted to say that I love you all! thanks for your prayers! Miss you guys tons! I´m grateful to have such great family friends like you guys! Love you so much and hope you have a great week!

Oh yeah, I showed a picture of my family to Victoria, our investigator. Hey Nathan I think she like you bro! haha, and everyone talks about you and matt´s justin bieber hair, pretty funny. ;) haha

Com amor,
Elder Jackson

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