Monday, May 11, 2015

Mothers Have the Most Important Calling in the World

What´s up guys!

Man is was so great talking to you guys yesterday. I just realized yesterday that I´m never going to speak english again the way I used to, haha! jk! We´ll see after the mish. Actually a few weeks ago Tiago looked up the video of my mission call opening, and I heard my voice when I read my call! MAN I spoke so stinking WELL! I don´t know what happened but I was like fluent in English. haha!

I´m in Apucarana! It´s super awesome here! The members are really great and they treat the missionaries really well! My companion is Elder Fagundes. He´s a super cool guy. He´s a super good missionary and has had a lot of success on his mission! We´re really excited to work hard this transfer. 

It´s super cold here though! Don´t worry mom, i have enough clothes...i think. but it´s good because it´s been a while since I´ve experienced cold weather. There´s one family that´s in our branch. They've been members for 11 months but they are crazy awesome members. The father is second counselor in the branch presidency and his son is going on a mission at the end of the year. I skyped at their house yesterday. but they, along with other members, are super awesome. My trainer, Elder Newkirk, held their baptismal interview. Small world!

Oh yeah. We had a baptism yesterday. His name is Elí. He´s a super cool guy. We got a bit scared last night, cuz he wasn´t home when we stopped by to bring him to the church, but we found him eventually. Her wife was baptized last week before we got here in the area. They´re a really great family and we´re going to help them start preparing to go to the temple. We have a few people that we are teaching that are progressing, but we´re trying to start finding a lot of new investigators to work with. wish us luck.

My short message today is about mother´s day. I love the story about the 2000 stripling warriors. They weren´t afraid to fight for their families because they had the faith that the lord would protect them. They obtained that faith through their mothers, who taught them to never doubt, but to believe. I´m so grateful for my mom and all that she's done for me, what she´s taught me and helped me to accomplish. As well and the other "moms" and grandparents that I have in my life. For all the mothers out there. you have the most important calling in the world. thank you for all that you do! boa semaa!

Elder Jackson

Trevor's Zone of Missionaries-  Didn't quite make the picture!

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