Monday, May 25, 2015

Search for Spiritual Experiences....

Bom dia com muita alegria!

Hope everyone´s doing well over in the states.

This week went pretty well. We didn´t work too much in our area this week.

ON Wednesday we went on splits with the Elders in a nearby city called Arapongas. Elder Manz is there right now! He was one of my companions like 8 months ago. My comp went with Elder Manz, and I went with Elder Krewer. He´s a super new missionary. He´s like a month in on the mission but he totally loves to work. We were in his area knocking on a few doors when we asked for water from this lady that was sitting outside of her house. She let us in and we started talking to her a bit. She told us that a minute or two before we knocked on her door, she said a prayer asking for someone to come into her life to help her out. WOW! She had just moved here, and she felt alone and confused. We invited her to church and she said yes full heartedly. crazy awesome spiritual experience. There are just tons of small experiences like that on your mission that help your testimony grow a lot stronger. She went to church yesterday and the Elders are teaching her now. We´ll see what happens. 

Man this week went by so fast that I´m not even sure of everything that happened this week, haha! The zone had a blitz in one of the areas in Apucarana. Lots of Elders went to one area to help out and find new investigators. It went well!

Elder Fagundes is a really great missionary and I´m learning tons from him, as I  do with pretty much all of my companions. He´s full of really great ideas to help find new investigators and do activities in our branch. 

But this week was really great and full of spiritual experiences. That´s going to be my spiritual thought for today. Spiritual experiences. Seek them. They´ll always help to strengthen your testimony and your faith. If you´ve never had a spiritual experience yet, don´t give up. Keep Searching. Lots of times the Lord wants to test us to see if we´re willing to search for a bigger testimony. But he always wants to give us spiritual experiences, and he always does. But if we don´t search, how will we find him. love you all! Boa semana!

Elder Jackson

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