Monday, May 18, 2015

Pray for Miracles...They Happen!

Bom dia!

Happy Anniversary mom and dad! Thank you guys for being the amazing parents that you are! Hope you guys had a great anniversary.

We had a baptism! Igor was baptized yesterday. He´s a recent convert´s son. Super aweome kid! His mom, was baptized in January. She wasn´t too active but she´s starting to come back to church.We helped Igor to be baptized yesterday! He´s a super funny guy! 

This week went pretty well. We´re starting to get used to our new area and everything. But we don´t have too many investigators right now. We´ve gotta find some more. We found a few people this past week but not as much as we wanted. Elder Fagundes is a really great missionary and everyone in the zone is working hard!

We had interviews with the mission president too this past week. We were in our area proselyting at 11 A.M. when the secretaries called us and said that presidente was coming to the zone to do interviews with all the missionaries and we had one hour before he got there. We totally freaked out and booked it to the church to set everything up and be ready for president at noon. But it was a miscommunication with the secretaries and he didn´t show up until like 1:00. It all worked out though in the end.  

ElĂ­ is doing well. He´s our investigator that was baptized last week. His wife was baptized the Sunday before we got here. We actually had lunch with him on Friday! He cooks really good! But unfortunately they weren´t home when we stopped by to bring him and his wife to churhc to be confirmed. Their life has been pretty crazy lately with work and everything. Pray for them please. We´re probably going to stop by tonight to see what happened.

Whoops, out of time. love you all. sorry that this email is a bit shorter this week. Love you all! Pray for miracles! They happen! Boa semana!

Elder Jackson

Apucarana a beautiful place

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