Monday, June 29, 2015


Bom Dia! 

This week was great! lots of our investigators finally came to church! Thanks for all the prayers! Man we caught the break that we were really needing. We found lots of new great investigators and brought the other ones to church. They´re all progressing really well.

I don´t know if I told you guys yet, but a little over a week ago we were at the terminal. I was talking with my comp about snow while we were waiting for the bus, and there was a girl looking at us and our nametags with a really curious look. So we started talking to her and we told her who we were. Then she asked about the book that was in my hand (the Book of Mormon), so I explained it to her and ended up giving it to her. She was super interested and super excited, but she lives in a nearby city like 30 kilometers away, so wouldn´t couldn´t go there to teach her. But we left her our number so that she could call with questions and stuff. She called this last Tuesday. She wanted to meet up at the church here in Apucarana to learn more about the Book of Mormon. So we went there, gave her a tour, and taught her about the Restoration of the Gospel and the Book of Mormon. She came to church too and is really progressing. Her name is Karem. So we´re super excited with how well she´s progressing. 

We found a few other families that came to church on Sunday and are progressing as well. One lady named Ordaísa and her kids, and another named Adrianna and her kids. We´re gonna keep working with them this week. 
But holy cow! Yesterday, there was a girl that showed up at church to visit the other branch. She was a bit lost, so we showed her around and stuff and talked with her a bit. Then after church we were talking to her to see where she lived, (to see what area she lived in and stuff) and a bit later when she came over to say goodbye, SHE TRIED TO KISS ME! Not like eat your mouth kiss, but the cheek kiss that people do here in Brazil. When iI realized what was happening she was like 8 inches from my face. I totally freaked out, and stuck my hand in front of her face to like shake her hand. Man it was so awkward! And I felt bad to reject her. but pretty funny afterwards. Haha but yeah! Other than the most frightening moment of my life, the rest of the week went pretty well!

We went on splits twice this week. I went with Elder Manz again! Man it´s always awesome to go on splits with ex-companions. Then I went with a new missionary, Elder Perez, from Argentina. It went pretty well!
Trevor and Elder Fagundes

The mission is going great! Thanks for all of you prayers! Please keep praying for us and for our investigators! Sorry, out of time to leave a spiritual thought. But quickly. God answers prayers. If we want to learn, we have to ask. And who better to ask than our Father in Heaven. The Being who created everything and knows everything from the beginning to the end. Don´t forget to pray to him. I promise you all that he will lead and guide you. HE WILL ANSWER YOUR PRAYER!

Elder Jackson

Lunch with Nelson and Family

Church Activity Apucarana

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