Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Gospel Blesses Families

Aug. 10, 2015

Hey guys!

Where to start! Honestly I wasn´t in my area this week. I went of splits with Elder Antonio. He´s the missionary from Mozambique that I lived with for like 4 months! Man it was awesome! We worked a lot and shared some laughs too. He´s gotta be one of the funniest guys that I know. haha! We worked in his area for a day. He´s doing well.

Oh yeah! The Assistants came to our zone to help out this week! The went on splits with almost all of the missionaries in Apucarana. There are sisters in Arapongas (nearby city) so Elder Monk (assistant) and I went on a blitz over there to look for new people to teach. It was pretty fun. We worked a lot and found a few really awesome and receptive people. And it was pretty cool to work with Elder Monk, he´s a really great missionary and I learned a bunch! it was really great to see the APs come to help out the missionaries here. Most of them are new to the mission or have just turned senior companions. I´m sure it helped out the missionaries a lot. 

We have an investigator named Janaíne and her mom! She´s the sister of a member in our branch. She´s gone to church and is praying for an answer. I almost out of time so i can´t go into all of the details. Please pray for her though. We have a few other investigators too, but we´re looking for more people to teach in our area. We´re gonna go crazy looking for a few families to teach. 

I´ve been thinking a lot about how the Gospel blesses families and how it has especially blessed mine. The key to a happy family is the Gospel. Basically everyone wants a happy family, so in other words everyone wants the gospel too. Just sometimes, they just don´t know that they want it yet. I think that´s helping me want to share the Gospel even more with others, especially families. Love you fam!

Love you all miss ya tons! sorry, out of time! Pray for us so that we can find one great family to teach!  Boa semana!

Elder Jackson

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