Monday, August 31, 2015

The Lord is Preparing People to Accept the Gospel...The Gospel Blesses Families

Hey guys! Lots to say and little time to say it! 

First off, we had a baptism! Luiz was baptized yesterday! Wahoo! He´s a super cool guy. We ran into him knocking on doors a couple weeks ago. Long story short, he was baptized after church! He´s 17 years old. He´s a bit shy at first, but once you get to know him he´s a awesome guy with a great heart. He started prepping for baptism after our second visit. He was really prepared by the Lord. Yesterday he accepted the challenge to read the entire Book of Mormon in a year. Who knows. Maybe sometime soon he´ll decide to serve a mission too.

Transfers are today. I´ve been transferred. I´m going to a city called Cascavel. It´s closer the the boundaries of our mission. And it´s SUPER HOT THERE! Man I'm totally gonna die. All the members have been telling me that I've got to put on sunscreen cuz I'm getting redder every week. I´m gonna have to start putting it on more starting this week! My new comp is Elder Esteban, from Argentina. I don´t know him too well, but I´ve talked with him a bit and he´s a super cool guy! I´m really excited to serve in Cascavel, but also a bit sad to leave Apucarana. It´s a super awesome place and I´m really gonna miss the great members and investigators here. We have some really great investigators that unfortunately we haven´t gotten them to be baptized yet. I´m sure Elder De Lima will baptize them though. 

This past week I went to renew my VISA in Londrina. and guess who went with me?! Elder Antonio! Haha! man it was pretty fun. Road trip! Haha we had some good laughs. But it all worked out well! 

We found another really good investigator named Jonas that we started teaching this past week. And he came to church yesterday too. Hope it all goes well with him as well. We have that meeting with President Genaro in Londrina this week. Tomorrow night we´re going to Londrina, then after the meeting with Pres. I´ll grab my companion and we´ll head to Cascavel. Lots of traveling. Wish me luck!

Message for the week:
The Lord really is preparing people to accept the Gospel. All missionaries are called of God by revelation. If  the missionaries ask you if you have a friend or relative that they can teach, that means that the Lord is telling you that you have at least one friend or family member that will accept the Gospel. We just have to pray and find out who it is. That´s something that a member told me this past week The gospel blesses families. Don´t be afraid to share it with others. Love you all miss ya tons! Boa semana!
Wish me luck in my new area. Pray for me!
Elder Jackson

Wonderful members who look out for the missionaries. Enjoying lunch with the De Paula family.

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