Monday, October 19, 2015

Be Grateful for What You Have

Bom dia!

What´s up guys! man I´m loving the start of the new transfer in Cascavel. My new companion is Elder Riveiro. He´s from Uruguay and from Spain. He was living in Spain before his mission and went to Uruguay a month or two before he sent his mission papers. He has family in both countries. He´s a super cool guy and a really hard worker. He´s got lots of great ideas to help out the zone too.

Man lots of missionaries finished their mission last week and it was pretty sad to see them go. Lots of them were really good friends of mine. But the good thing is that I´ll see lots of them at BYU!
Maria Heloisa, Maria Vitória, and Ana Clara are on date for this weekend. Their baptism is marked for this Saturday. Pray for them that all goes well! They were actually going to baptized yesterday, but it ended up not working out and they got pretty down and upset. They really wanted to get baptized yesterday. They´re getting ready for this Saturday and are pretty excited!

Elder Jackson and Elder Riveiro

We stopped by Pedro´s house this week. He set a date for his marriage at the courthouse. He´s getting married on November 13th and is going to get baptized on the 15th! He´s really excited too! Thank you for all of the prayers on his behalf!

One of the members gave us the address of one of his houses that he was renting to some Haitians. There are like 13 people from haiti that live there. So we went there and we brought 4 of them to church with us! Haha man they're all like super awesome people! But they speak very little Portugûes. They speak mainly french and criole. So we had the secretary print out the classes in french for them to read and follow along. Haha it was pretty interesting, but they totally loved the church and all of the members liked them a lot too. They all went up to greet them and everything. We´re gonna try and bring the rest of them with us next week.

It was kind of a sad sight when we met them. They haven´t been in Brazil for too long and don´t have a job. Their conditions are really humble. They don´t have a shower head. To take a bath, they use a bucket and soap. So everyone, be greatful for what you have. There´s a lot of poverty in the world. There are some people here that would give anything to have what you have.

Love you all  and miss ya lots! Falou!

Elder Jackson

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