Monday, October 26, 2015

It's Never Always Easy to Do What You Know is Right

What´s up guys!

Crazy week! As always, haha! Heloisa, Vitória and Ana Clara were baptized on Saturday. I´ll tell you that it wasn´t easy but it was worth it. There´s not a better feeling then seeing them enter the waters of baptism. And not a worse feeling than recognizing that I entered the waters of baptism WITH MY CAMERA!!! Yep! my camera was in my pocket... :) and no it doesn´t work anymore. Nooooo! haha! After Ana Clara was baptized and was getting out of the water, I realized that something was in my pocket, and when I reached to grab it, I realized that it was my camera. haha, I tried to play it off really fast so that no one would see it, so iIthrew it over to the other side of the font while Vitória was entering. 

I found out later that the worst thing you can do if your camera gets wet is try and turn it on cuz it like destroys everything. But being the idiot that I am, that was the first thing that iIdid. ;) So yeah my camera is pretty much broken. But the Lord was really looking out for me because my memory card with half of the photos from my mission stayed dry. That´s what I was more worried about. (I´ve gotta find a way to save all my pics, cuz I don't want to lose them) But all in all, Saturday was a pretty great day. 

The zone had a lot of success too. Pedro is doing well. He´s getting excited for November 15th, and so are we. But now we´re looking for more investigators that´ll progress. 

Elder Riveiro is a pretty great missionary and we´re gonna have lots of success together here.  He worked for the American government before his mission and met Obama personally and everything. Pretty cool!

Sorry, almost out of time. Message for today. Do what´s right, when a choice is placed before. It´s never always easy to do what you know is right. Actually sometimes it can be one of the hardest things to do. But never try and rationalize doing something you shouldn´t. I´ve been thinking a lot about that recently. That´s not what the Lord wants. But when we do something wrong, he wants us to repent. Let´s not forget that repentance isn´t suffering, it´s one of he greatest gifts we are given from the Lord, the opportunity to receive forgiveness. Love you all! Miss ya tons!

Elder Jackson

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