Sunday, October 4, 2015

Be Sure to Smile! It Helps to Lift Others....

Bom dia!

Man so much happened this week that I think I´m gonna forget to say it all. 

Zone Conference

First off, we had zone conference on Tuesday! Man it was super sweet to see my ex-companion, Elder Coelho give the training as the new assistant. Man he´s a flippin awesome missionary. On the way to Foz, we entered the park! We were like 10 minutes away from the waterfalls and we didn't go! Man! I was soooo close! Haha, who knows, maybe it will work out that i´ll get to see them before the end of my mission. 

Iguazu Falls that Trevor hopes to see someday. They are one of the seven wonders of the world.

Thanks for the prayers on behalf of Pedro. He told us this week that he made his decision. He agreed to be baptized! He´s going to the courthouse today to mark a date for his marriage! He knows the church is true and is a super awesome dude! Man we´re way excited for him. keep praying for him please. Hopefully it all goes well. we´ll see when the people from the courthouse will mark the day of their marriage.
Marianne and her family are doing awesome! Maria Lloiza, Maria Vitoria, and Ana Clara, are super excited and really want to be baptized, and Marianne is  trying to stop smoking. She´s doing pretty well. They were going to come the General Conference but they had a commitment that went over and they didn't get back home until the conference was almost all over. :( they´re excited to go to church next week though. Pray to help Marianne quit smoking.)

So my companion, Elder Esteban, has had a cold for like 11 days straight (which i now have too :/). We finally went to the doctors on Thursday, and he had an infection in his face or something like that because of his sinuses. He stayed at the hospital for two days! He´s getting better now. but it looks like i´m starting to get the cold he had, just not as bad. I slept at he hospital Thursday night and then Friday another missionary stayed with him. I´m glad he´s better. Haha but we sure did take a lot of pictures.

Man conference was like amazing. I totally loved all of the talks and I learned a ton. there are so many messages to use, but for my message today I´ll leave a simple one. one of the members of the seventy (forgot his name) talked about the importance of a smile. I don´t think we exactly understand just what a smile can do to others, but it sure helps. It can change someone´s day, week, or even someones life. Be sure to smile, it helps to lift others! Love you, miss ya tons! Sending lots of smiles.

Elder Jackson

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