Monday, October 12, 2015

Remembering My Friend Andrew Page... I Know He is Helping Me on My Mission

Bom dia! What´s up guys!

Transfers are today. I´m staying! Man I´m super happy cuz we have some great investigators prepping for baptism this next transfer! Maria Eloisa, Maria Vitoria and and Clara  had to travel this weekend. They went to spend the weekend with their dad in Medeaneira, a nearby city. But they went to church there with the missionaries working in that city! Maria Vitoria´s boyfriend went with them too that we´re teaching as well and he basically said that he wants to be baptized too! Their mom is doing well. She´s smoking less but it´s pretty hard to sit down and teach her cuz she´s always super busy. 

Pedro is progressing a lot. He´s prepping for his marriage in Novembro and is getting excited for his baptism as well!

I´m really starting to like the members in our ward. They´re pretty great! Sunday I went on splits with bishop to go see a few families as well.

This last week was kind of slow because it was the end of tranfers, but I´m really happy that I´m staying one more transfer here in Cascavel. My comp, Elder Esteban was transferred though.he´s going to Maringá to serve in my second area on the mission. My new comp is going to be Elder Riveiro. I´ve never talked to him personally but I´ve heard that he´s a really good missionary and a hard worker. We have to travel overnight tonight to get to Londrina tomorrow morning. We´ve got that meeting with President Genaro tomorrow afternoon in Londrina. It´s like a 7-8 hour bus ride. Hopefully I´ll get to sleep a bit. 

Sorry I haven´t able to send pics in a while. the lan house that we´ve been using has been kind of sketchy, but I´ll try to send some right now. 

This past weekend marked two years since my friend, Andrew Page, passed away on his mission. I spoke a bit about him in my testimony in sacrament meeting yesterday. I miss him a lot, but I know he´s here with me helping me out on my mission, and serving his as well. Love you all! Miss ya tons!! Boa semana!

Elder Jackson

                                                    A few pictures and memories of Andrew.

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