Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter! I Love My Savior

Trevor enjoying the rain!

Hey guys!

Holy cow! I do not have that much time to email this week, but this week was crazy! The work went pretty well, but we did a lot of walking. Haha!

Yesterday we got up at 5:30 so we could get to our area at 7:30 (40-50 minutes by foot). We went by houses of less active and investigators that committed to come to church. We were running behind so we LITERALLY had to run from place to place for a bit. Haha! and we were in full suits and everything! Haha!  Luckily it was foggy that morning and not really hot, otherwise I would´ve died!

But yeah! this week went pretty well!  We definitely have some members here that do the work! I probably have already told you about this new member named Fransueldo (spelled that wrong). He´s been a member for like 10 months and he already knows more than I do about the gospel. He´s going to serve a mission by the end of this year. He´s a super cool guy with an awesome testimony. He helps us out a lot!

The language is coming along pretty well. I´m learning more every day. 

Holy cow my umbrella broke! I bought this new pretty decent umbrella a couple weeks ago. A few days ago there was this big storm about to reach us. We could see heavy rain in the distant fields, so we put up our umbrellas. About 10 seconds later a huge wind came and within 3 seconds, my umbrella snapped reversed backwards! Baha! it was crazy! I was walking around the rest of the day with a broken umbrella. But it rained a LOT that day!

Oh yeah! Mom I got your package! Thank you so much! It made my day!

We have a few investigators that are progressing. We invited J to be baptized this week but he said he wants to learn and study more for now. He works a lot and his son plays a lot of soccer so it´s hard to find a time to meet with them. We have others too but we don´t really have any Golden investigators right now, but they´re all really awesome people. (Sorry, I don´t have time to talk about everyone)

 Easter was yesterday! I don´t know if they really celebrate it much here because I didn´t hear much about it. But I hope everyone takes the time to think about our Savior. What he did for us, and his Resurrection. I Love My Savior so much and I am so grateful for what he did for me and for everyone! Hope everyone had a great Easter holiday, and I hope everyone has a great week! Love you all! Keep me posted!

Elder Jackson

Londrina where Trevor is serving.

Londrina at night

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