Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Crazy Week! T.V.s on Every Corner

June 23

Hey guys! 

Man this week has been pretty crazy! There was another Brazil game on Tuesday so we had to be home before 3 and leave at like 7:30. Actually, there´s another game today, so basically our p-day will be a bit longer than usual. Unfortunately I don´t have more time to email, so I´m a bit short. (Sorry mom, I don´t think I have time to send the pictures. Remind me next week and I´ll send them for sure. I really need to start taking more pictures.) 

This week was pretty good! We have a few investigators that are really progressing! One of our investigators and her daughter might be baptized this week! Cle and her daughter A. Cle is in her late 20s and her daughter is 8. They´re really awesome and doing really well. We´re going to stop by this week and help them progress and everything. We have a few other investigators that are doing pretty well too. 

Man Brazil has TV´s on like every block and it´s basically always on the World Cup. Brazilians really love soccer. I saw that the US tied with Portugal.We´re not too shabby! Haha! It seriously can get hard though sometimes when we´re at a investigator or members house and they´re watching the game. We´re like sharing a message or something like that and then the announcer starts screaming or goal or something crazy happens. Haha! It´s really hard to not look at the t.v. Haha! But yeah! 

It´s going pretty well here! We´re in winter right now, but it feels more like spring in the U.S.Thanks again everyone for the birthday wishes. To respond to your  question mom, we didn't really do much for my birthday because there wasn't really much to do. but it was still great! We've definitely got a lot of work to do though this week! But I´m stoked to do it. 

Sorry, I´m almost out of time so I've got to go, but I hope everyone has an awesome week! Love you all and miss you tons! 

Nathan how´d the draft go? Who did the Jazz get, and where did Jabari Parker go and stuff? 

Boa Semana! Tchau!

Elder Jackson
(sorry mom i lost track of time this week)

Trevor in the MTC with Elders  from Brazil

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