Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Lord's Work Is Happening....

June 9, 2014

Holy cow!

This week has been a bit crazy. So last Monday 20 minutes after we finished emailing, (at like 2:30) I found out that I was actually leaving for Maringá (my new area) that day, and that my bus would leave at like 4:20! Haha! so we booked it backed to the house, packed everything as fast as we could, and left for the bus station. luckily I made it on time.

When I first got to Maringá I didn´t think I would really like this area, but I´m actually liking it a lot! My new companion is Elder H. He´s a pretty cool guy and a good missionary! We live with the Zone leaders in our zone. They´re pretty cool too. One´s Peruvian and the other is Brazilian. We moved this week! When I first got here we were living in a pretty crappy house. But this past week we moved to a different house which is flippin sweet! Haha! It´s a lot better than the other. (I´ll try and send pictures next week) It´s still a house for missionaries so it's not like super sheaky, but I´m liking it a lot.

So yeah I´m liking it here! and guess what! Elder Bel Trani is in my zone! He was my Brazilian companion in the MTC for my last week. He´s doing awesome and I can actually understand him now! Baha! 

The move really took up a lot of time last week, but I´m excited to do the work tons this next week in my new area! I feel like I´m improving tons with the language and with the work. People can still tell that I´m a pretty new missionary because of my accent and some other stuff, but I´m feeling more comfortable now that I´m getting more of the language down and stuff. 

Hey mom! Your package arrived!..But it´s in Londrina. Haha! When you are in a zone outside of Londrina you only receive letters and packages like once a month. But I should receive it this week though! 

The World Cup starts this week. I´m excited but at the same time I´m not. I think everything will be the same with the work and everything. It´s definitely going to be hard to knock on doors and stuff while Brazil is playing! Oh and guess what? Down here kids get out of school to watch the World Cup! How come we don´t get out of school for anything like that in the U.S.? Haha! 

Short on time, but I hope everyone has a awesome week! Keep me posted with everything! The Lord´s work is happening! I love the Conference talk by Elder Uchtdorf about sleeping through the resoration! It´s sweet! I´d talk about it a bit more but I´m out of time! Go read it! it´s awesome!
Love and miss you! Boa semana!

Elder Jackson

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