Monday, June 30, 2014

The Work is Progressing....

Hey guys! 

So this computer is really bad. I´m trying to send pictures but it´s really slow, so i don´t know if i´ll get to send them on time. i´ll do my best though. 

Wow this week has been a bit crazy. First off, our mission beat our record for baptisms in a month. We got  I think 191, which is really good. (mom we´re having that meeting with president this week so you´ll probably get pictures this week.)

Next, we had a baptism! Her name is Magda. She´s pretty cool. She´s like 50 something. She lives with her son and grandkids for now. We met her last week and invited her to church. She couldn´t go last week, so we stopped by her house this week. She LITERALLY asked when she could be baptized! haha! She was baptized on Saturday. We were doing splits so I didn´t get to see it, but I got to confirm her a member which was pretty cool. We´re more or less teaching her family right now. 

Everything else is going pretty well here. Cleiza and Ana weren´t baptized last week but we´re going to do our best to help them get baptized this week!

One of our investigators, Marcilio, is really awesome. He´s gone to church a couple times. We met him on the street. He´s one heck of a guy and he´s gonna make a great member. He´s going to travel this week though and he won´t get back until the end of next week.

We have a pretty decent group of investigators right now, but a lot of them are traveling this week and next. 

I heard that Brazil won again. Yeah it was pretty loud for the first hour after the game with fireworks and everything. I hear the U.S. is still in it too!

So yeah, we´ve got lots of work to do this week. Elder Haws is pretty great, and so are the other two that live with us. It´s been pretty fun joking around and stuff this transfer. If I get to send pictures today, I´ll send a picture of our house right now. 

So yep! Loving it here! It´s still hard, but every minute is worth it! Hope everyone has an awesome week keep me posted with everything.

Love and miss you all!
Elder Jackson

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