Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Missions are Awesome!! It Was a Great Birthday!

Trevor's MTC Companion Elder Beltrani

June 16

Hey guys! 

Wow I have tons to say but I´m really short on time. I got 3 packages this week! Thank you so much mom and dad and family for your package! It was so awesome! Thank you so much Courtney Jensen and the Jensen family for your package! Thank you so much Aunt Christy for you package! It totally made my week and my birthday!

Happy  Father´s day Dad!

So the World Cup started this past week. The rule is that we have to return to our house at 3 and leave at 7:30 again when Brazil plays. They´ve only played once so far but they´re playing again tomorrow. It can get pretty crazy down here. We know when Brazil scores and stuff because their´s fireworks and people are screaming and everything. The work has been a bit more difficult but not really hard or anything. 

This week went pretty well. We brought a few of our investigators to church this Sunday. We have some really awesome investigators right now that have tons of potential. We are going to stop by a lot this week and help them progress.

I´m liking my new area a lot right now. I would send pictures but I don´t really have much time to (and I need to take pictures, haha ;)) 

Thank you so much everyone for all the Birthday wishes! It´s super awesome to hear from everyone. I don´t know if I have time to respond to everyone this week, so if I don´t respond today, I´ll respond next week. 

Wow, missions are really awesome. They definitley have their ups and downs, but it´s always worth it. Sometimes it´s a bit rough when our investigators cut us and stuff, but it´s always worth it to see how the gospel completely changes someone´s life.

My spiritual thought for today is something that my companion shared with me. We were talking with an investigator and Elder Haws told him something about Job in the Bible that I thought was really cool. Job lost basically everything he had and suffered a lot. But he remained faithful to the Lord and The Lord promised him he would gain 2x what he had originally as a result. He obtained 2x what he had in everything except his kids. He had 7 that died, but he gained 7 more instead of 14. This goes to show that even though we may lose a family member, they´re not lost. We will still see them and be with them after this life. So he really did get 7 more kids. He has 14 in total. I thought that was pretty cool!

Love you guys so much and miss you all! Hope everyone has an awesome week!

Elder Jackson

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