Monday, June 1, 2015

Loving Every Minute of My Mission!! Grateful For Wonderful Members....

Bom Dia! 

What´s up my peeps! man this week was SO STINKIN COLD! Haha cold being under 60 degrees. Man I'm totally gonna die when I go back to BYU. But it rained a ton and was really windy. I actually had to use a jacket, which I´ve only used a couple times on my mission. 

But this week went pretty well. The members here are awesome! They give us so much food! Man I was so full this week that i think I broke the Word of Wisdom, bahaha! They really love to help the missionaries out and I´m really growing to love the members in our branch. Not just because they take care of us, but because the love the work of the Lord and they want to help it progress.  

We found this really great couple that we started teaching this week. João and Maria (john and mary) They´re in their late 50s or early 60s. They´re good friends with a super awesome member named Diego. Diego saw that we started teaching them and comes with us to teach them. He and his family are super awesome, along with the other great famlies here. João and Maria are progressing a lot, but unfortunately they couldn´t make it to church yesterday because João got sick :/ but they want to go next week they. 

We found a few other people to start teaching but we really need to find more. Our area is really small, so we´re looking for other ways to find people other than just knock on doors, cuz there are only so many doors to knock on here. 

But the mission is going great! Loving every minute! Message for today......Poots...i´ve got to think of a message. I was pretty sad when I found out the L. Tom Perry passed away the other day, one of our beloved apostles. But I´m happy with the fact that he´s in a better place now. I´m so grateful for a prophet and twelve apostles that we have to lead and guide us in our days. They are called and inspired by God. What they tell us is what GOD WANTS US TO KNOW. I know this church. The organization is the same that christ himself established is true and that god still talks to us, by way of revelation and by way of  a prophet and twelve apostles. love you all! miss ya tons! Boa semana!

Elder Jackson

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