Monday, June 15, 2015

Happy Birthday Trevor! Do the Best That You Can!

Bom dia!

Thank you all for all the birthday wishes! Man I´m getting old! I´m almost 20! I guess my teen years are over. 

We had a meeting with President Genaro on Wednesday in Londrina. It was super freakin awesome! The missionaries that are serving in my last area gave me a package. It was from Tiago and his family! They sent me a package for my b-day! Thank you sooooo much! It was super awesome and totally made my day. I was super glad to hear that his family is doing well. The missionaries are still teaching Vitoria, so please pray for her and her family. 

I was sick this entire week! I´m finally started to get better in the last couple of days. I woke up the morning of the meeting with President and I had last my voice almost completely. Man it was terrible. I went to the doctor´s on Thursday and they gave me some medicine and stuff that helped a lot. 

On our way back from Londrina, Elder Fagundes and I both fell asleep. We got to Apucarana and we didn´t wake up! The bus almost continued if not for a memeber. A super awesome recent convert was there waiting to pick us up, and saw that we didn´t get off the bus, so he stopped the bus driver and told him to wake us up. If it weren´t for him, we would´ve woken up in Guaíra, a city in a different mission! ALMOST IN PARAGUAY! man Iran totally saved us. haha, but in all the rush, we left all the letters and materials for the zone on the bus! And it went to Guaíra. haha, it took a couple of days but luckily we got it all back. 

But this week was pretty good. Unfortunately we didn´t work that much because of the meeting in Londrina, and the fact that I was sick and had to go to the doctors and all that. Man I really don´t lke weeks like that, but luckily it´s giving me more urge to work more this next week.We had a few really great investigators to bring to church yesterday, but unfortunately, almost everyone fell on Sunday morning. People got sick and stuff like that. We´ll see if we can bring them to church next week.

Message for this week. Do the best that you can! I was thinking a lot this week. We´ve been needing to work a lot harder in our area if we want to have success. At the end of my mission, I´m going to pray and ask Heavenly if he accepted my mission, and I dread the thought of him saying no. So I'm going to do my best now so that he can accept my mission. All of us are going to have to do the same eventually after this life. We want the Lord to able to say yes, that he accepted our efforts he on Earth. So lets do our best. Love you all! miss ya tons! 
Thanks for everything.

Elder Jackson
President Genaro and Missionaries

Leadership Council 

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