Monday, June 8, 2015

The Lord Hears and Answers Prayers.... A Night of Miracles!

Bom dia!

I´m sick! I´ve got a cold or something, which is crazy cuz the weather´s like in the  60s and 70s here. Pretty much everyone in our zone is getting sick. I think that more that half of the missionaries in the city have already caught it. It´s not too bad, just a sore throat in the morning and night. But other than that, I´m doing great! Transfers are today! I´m staying here in Apucarana for one more transfer! I was already expecting that but I'm happy with the transfer. 

This week was pretty good. It had its ups and downs. We found a few new investigators this week that we´re excited to start teaching a bit more. We had some really great people to bring to church on Sunday. João and Maria were coming as well as a Mom and here kids, but the both canceled on us on Saturday night, so that was a bit of a bummer. Maria had to work and João didn´t want to come without his wife,and the family went to visit their relatives. We have good investigators, but our biggest problem lately is getting them to church. Pray that they´ll come to church next week.

We started exploring some new parts of our area that we haven´t been to yet, and we´ll see if we find some success there.

But Sunday night was a night of miracles in our zone. One area had an former investigator that they had cut a while ago that came to church yesterday. She came with her daughter. The mom has to get married, but her daughter wanted to be baptized. Her mom let her and she was baptized last night. Then while we were at the baptism, the sisters called us. They have an investigator that was going to be baptized yesterday after church, but got scared and decided not to. But then the sisters called us telling us that he changed his mind and wanted to be baptized immediately. He was baptized soon after. The experience really strengthened my testimony. Just goes to show that the Lord really hears our prayers and answers them according to our faith and diligence. We made sure to thank the lord for blessing the missionaries her in Apucarana.

Elder Fagundes is staying too. We´ll be companions for one more transfer, which I´m excited about.We´re going to Londrina this week for a meeting with President Genaro. 

My spiritual thought is about what happened Sunday. The Lord blesses us with miracles, but always according to our faith and diligence. Always when Christ healed the sick and raised the dead, he first asked if they had faith. It was by their faith that Miracles occur. Miracles aren´t dead. The Lord can work miracles in our lives. Whether big or whether small, he always blesses us. Love you guys! Hope you have an awesome week!

Hard to believe that the sisters that got here with me on the mish only have 6 more weeks on the mish. time flies!

Boa semana!
Elder Jackson

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