Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Distance Between You and Heavenly Father is Your Knees and the Floor....

What´s up guys! 

I hope you all are enjoying your super hot summer. It´s still pretty cold here, and people keep telling me it´s gonna get even colder. Haha, but it´s all good. I´m totally loving it! It´s funny, when it hits like 50 degrees everyone is bundled up in these huge winter jackets and everything. 

But this week went well! Once again, thank you so much for all of the birthday wishes this week! My birthday was flippin awesome! The zone planned a mini surprise party for me after district meeting on Tuesday! I found out later that it was my comp., Elder Fagundes that planned it. haha, they made a cake and everything! hah! Caught me way off guard. and Tuesday night we bought pizza! (thanks for sending me the money to buy pizza mom! it was sweet!) so yeah my b-day was great! thanks for making it so great! Mission president usually calls to sing happy birthday for all the missionaries on their birthday. haha, but he forgot and so called me last night! Haha it was pretty awesome! I´M GETTING OLD!

Lots of work this week. I think this week was the first in a long time that we stayed in our area the entire week. It was pretty good, and we found a few really good new investigators. But unfortunately they didn´t come to church this Sunday. :/ That´s been the hardest part here, getting investigators (individuals we are teaching about the gospel) to church. We´re working on it though. 

We had a small miracle this week. The other Elders in our branch have an investigator named Marcos that has been going to church for like two years. He just showed up at church yesterday and decided to be baptized! He just felt that it was the right moment, so it was an awesome surprise for us and the branch. He´s a super cool guy. Also Eli was confirmed yesterday. He´s the guy that we baptized last transfer. He found a new job and we were never finding him at home. and when we did, he couldn´t come to church because he was working and stuff. He and his wife (who was baptized a week before we got to this area have been going through a really rough time with finances and everything) But they are a super great family! They´ve been working like crazy to pay the bills. But finally his work is slowing down and he´s super excited to stay strong and endure to the end. 

So yeah a super great week! Oh also we had a super cool activity on Wednesday. It was pretty fun. It was about the Book of Mormon. We shared a message and then played a few games that had to do with the Book of Mormon and it´s purpose! love you all! thanks for all the support you guys give me. Thank you so much for your prayers! I couldn´t ask for more. That´s my message for today. Prayer. The distance between you and our heavenly father is your knees to the floor. Pray always! Have and awesome week!

Elder Jackson

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