Monday, November 2, 2015

Hymns Can Help Make Things Better

Cascavel Zone

Bom Dia! 

I got your package Aunt Jackie and Christy! Thank you so much it was amazing and totally made my week!
We had our mission tour this week. Marcos Rais came to speak to us. He´s a member of the seventy. Super funny and really spiritual too. I really learned a lot that I´m going to apply to my mission for the next 2 months. We had a 7 hour bus ride to Londrina on Thursday, the mission tour on Friday and we got on the bus immediately after to go back to Cascavel.

But guess what happened, 2 hours in, the BUS BROKE! Haha and in the middle of nowhere too. We had to wait like two hours for somebody to come and fix it. But it was actually pretty fun. We sung a few upbeat hymns to keep everyone excited and we joked and talked a lot. There were about 30 missionaries on the bus (2 zones) But after a couple of hours, while we were waiting, one of the sisters in our zone that has a health problem basically stopped breathin and passed out. HOLY COW! Luckily my comp was like studying to be a doctor, so he was helping her while me and a bunch of other missionaries went to try and stop someone so that they could take her to the hospital.
Don´t get too scared, she´s okay, just so you guys don´t get too worried. But it defintley gave us a fright. Finally we stopped a car. She was going in and out of consciousness. There were moments that she was awake and able to talk and other moments when she stopped breathing again and passed out. We threw her in the car and sent her to the hospital with another sister,  My comp and one of the zl´s from the other zone, while we stayed behind with the rest of the missionaries. They fixed the bus like 5 minutes after and we went to meet them at the hospital since we had her documents and everything. but guess what, THE BUS BROKE DOWN AGAIN! 

Man this was literally one of the craziest days of my mission. Long story short, they fixed the bus. The sister is okay, and we got back to Cascavel 3:30 in the morning, Crazy right?

But it´s all good here! We´re still teaching the the Haitians that  we brought that one Sunday. Two of them have come every Sunday since.  The problem is teaching them because they don´t speak Portuguese very well yet. Pray for us. Sorry, out of time. Love you all! miss ya tons!Boa semana! Amai-vos uns aos outros!

Elder Jackson

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