Monday, November 16, 2015

This Is Exactly Where I Am Supposed to Be...The Joy of a Baptism

What´s up guys! 

Crazy week. starting off. Pedro was baptized yesterday!  He got married on Friday and was baptized after church yesterday. The Baptism was really spiritual. After the baptism he went up to bear his testimony and cried as he talked about how he felt and everything. Great experience! :) He knows all of the members really well since he´s been going to church since the start of this year, so he had a lot of support from the members.

We went to Londrina at the start of the week to have a meeting with President Genaro again. It was really awesome and we learned a lot about how to help the Gospel grow. We´re really focused on the "real growth" of our wards and branches now. It was great to see my ex-comp, Elder Coelho one last time. He finishes his mission next week. He lives in São Paulo so he said he´s going to go meet me at the airport there. before I catch my flight to the States. Lots of great friends and great missionaries are returning next week. Man iIm kind of starting to feel alone, haha!

So we traveled overnight for 7 hours to go to the meeting  Tuesday morning, and we traveled overnight  on Tuesday to get to our area Wednesday morning,at 5 a.m. Haha, safe to say that I was a bit tired this week.

I went to Toledo (nearby city) to go on splits with Elder Sant too on Thursday! Pretty great! So yeah, this week was super busy but super worth it.

Oh yeah! And this morning I went running with Elder Azevedo, a missionary that´s living with me. When we got back he offered me some of his milkshake that he made. When I tried it, it tasted REALLY crappy, but I thought he just made it wrong so I drank it all without saying anything.  Then he went to drink it, and then spat it out saying the milk that he used was sour, AFTER I DRANK IT! Haha! The milk was all curdled and everything, and he said that he thought it was just frozen. Bahaha! we had a good laugh, but I sure hope I don´t get too sick. Haha love you all miss ya tons! I really do, but I'm happy to be here. This is exactly where I'm supposed to be and I wouldn´t want to be anywhere else.

Pray for Frisnel, our investigor. We´re going to teach him a lot this week and help him accept baptism. Love you!
Elder Jackson

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