Monday, November 30, 2015

I'm Loving Foz Do Iguacu! Lots of Work to Do!

I´m loving Foz Do Iguaçu so far! It´s super great but Really HOT! 

Man it´s a pretty great area here. We have air conditioning in my apartment! not like the whole apartment, but there's air conditioning in the bedroom! It´s AWESOME! It´s the first time I´ve had an air conditioned house since I came to Brazil, haha so about 2 years. My new comp is Elder A. Gonçalves from Goiânia (central Brazil). He´s a super great missionary and we´re working well together. And no, we haven´t gone to the waterfalls yet, but hopefully a bit later in the transfer. 

But I´ll be honest, I am tired after we finish emailing, I´m going back to the apartment to SLEEP! Haha so that we can work hard next week!

We had a baptism this week too! Her name is Ana Carolina. We are helping this less active family come back to church and we baptized  their daughter this week. It was for sure a blessing from the Lord. We got there and the mom said that her daughter wanted to be baptized. WOW! But she´s a super cool and sweet little girl. I asked her is she was prepping for her baptism on Saturday and she responded, "I´m no Pwepared, I´m EXCITED!" Haha! Pretty funny. 

We´re teaching Maria too! She´s a super sweet lady and everything, she´s 85. But she really wants to be baptized. She was going to be baptized on Sunday, but she fell into temptation and smoked on Saturday before her baptism. She´s smoked for a long time. But she really has the desire to stop and to be baptized. Pray for her this week!

There are a few more great people that we´re teaching right now. There´s a lady named Eluides that we brought to stake conference yesterday that absolutely loved it. She really wants to stop smoking too. Also there´s another Maria that we´re teaching. Her husband is a less active member that´s starting to come back to church. Their kids were baptized this last week and now Maria is prepping for her baptism. But she´s addicted to cigarettes too. Pray for them please! We really need it and they need it even more. 

Sorry, short on time this week. Lots of work to do! Let´s get to it. 
Love you all! Miss ya tons! Boa Semana!

Elder Jackson

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