Monday, November 9, 2015

You Never Know Who Is Prepared to Accept the Gospel

Mission Tour

Bom dia bom dia com muita alegria!

Great week! lots of great experiences but don´t have time to tell them all. Man i´ve really gota start writing in my journal, haha.

Pedro is on date for this Sunday! He´s getting married on Friday and his baptism is going to be sunday after church. I was talking to him Sunday. He´s a bit anxious, but really excited. He´s been prepping for a long time. 

We found lots of really good new investigators this week, and we´re really excited to keep working with them.

We´re teaching one investigator, named Frisnel. He´s one of the Hatians that we are bringing to church. The hardest part is teaching him because he has difficulty speaking and understanding portuguese. Haha, when we teach him, i feel like i´m back at the start of my mission again witht the language barrier, but that really reminded me of how much the Lord has blessed me to be able to get the hang of the language to the point of being able to preach the gospel. We´ve been trying to show him the video of the restoration because we can show it to hime in French, but he doesn´t have tv at home or internet, so we´re planning to do it at a member´s house or at the church. wish us luck! pray that it goes well!

Tomorrow we have leadership counsel with Mission President again in Londrina. Man tonight we have to catch a bus at midnight to get to Londrina at 7 am. We´ll have the meeting in the afternoon and we´ll come back to Cascavel tuesday night. Man I sure hope that i´ll be able to sleep on the bus. But we´re excited  for the meeting with President Genaro. We´re gonna learn tons about how to help the mission progress.

Spiritual thought:

You never know who the Lord prepares to accept the Gospel. The other missionaries that we live with were teaching a 19 year old girl that went to church a couple times but didn´t show interest in accepting the gospel, or in being baptized. They stopped by Friday, lots had happened that week and what the missionaries said was exactly the answer to the prayer she had made the night before. She and her sister were baptized yesterday and now the rest of her family wants to be baptized. 3 sisters and her mom. Miracles do happen. The lord really prepares people to receive the restored Gospel. Trust in him and he´ll lead you to these people that are waiting.

Sorry guys. I would send pics today but i forgot my camera at church and I lost the keys because I let them drop through the crack of the elevador at the church. Yeah there´s no getting them back. haha, love you!

Elder Jackson

Trevor is standing behind the girls.

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